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Hours of Service

  • At Champion DMV, we are committed to ensuring your business is safe and audit ready. Our Hours of Service program can help you meet DOT regulations specific to hours of service. Our experts can help review your current documentation and organize all the information you need to be in compliant with hours of service rules.

    All carriers with vehicles that weigh 10,001 lbs. or more, transports 8 passengers or more for compensation, transports 16 passengers or more without compensation or transports hazardous materials are required to follow DOT’s Hours of Service regulations. These regulations specify when drivers are allowed and not allowed to drive. It also mandates that carriers keep logbooks of their activities.

    As there are exceptions to these rules, it is best to speak to one of our compliance experts who will better answer your company’s specific Hours of Service compliance needs.

    We can help you setup and maintain an accurate and efficient logbook for each of your drivers. Logbooks need to be reviewed periodically and we can assist you with that as well, ensuring audit-ready information every time.

  • What Should Your Logbook Look Like?

    Part of our Hours of Service program includes reviewing and managing your logbook files. A record of duty status or driver's daily log is used to track your compliance with the hours-of-service regulations.

    Your logbook should contain the following information:

    • 1. Date
    • 2. Total miles driven today
    • 3. Truck or tractor and trailer number
    • 4. Carrier's name
    • 5. 24-hour period starting time
    • 6. Driver's signature/certification
    • 7. Main office address
    • 8. Remarks
    • 9. Co-driver's name (if you have a co-driver)
    • 10. Total hours in each dusty status (at end of grid), and
    • 11. Shipping document number(s) or shipper name and commodity.

    For more information or questions on how we can help you create and maintain logbooks, please contact us.