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Driver Files

  • Our Driver File Management Services minimizes your company’s risk and keeps you DOT compliant by helping you establish, organize, standardize, and maintain your DOT driver documentation. These important documentations include the safety performance history form, MVR and driver application for employment. Along with managing your driver files, we can also track and maintain any of your company-specific documents that will help you be audit ready.

    As part of DOT Compliance, companies with commercial vehicles: weighing 10,001 lbs. or more, transporting 8 passengers or more, or transporting hazardous materials, are required to maintain Driver Qualification Files and Driver Investigation History Files for each driver.

    Drivers must pass a Background Check and complete a DOT Physical in order to comply with DOT regulations on Driver Files. These files must be reviewed periodically and updated regularly in order to remain in compliance.

    Companies can choose to complete Driver Files on their own, but maintaining them on a consistent basis may be a challenge. As a team of experienced and knowledgeable compliance experts, IRP Services will see to it that your Driver Files are set up properly and maintained regularly. A dedicated team works with you to manage your program.

  • What are the benefits of Champion DMV’s Driver File Management Program?

    Save Time – Our dedicated team will work on your driver files – freeing up your business and employees to do day-to-day operations.

    Be Audit Ready – Have confidence you are 100% compliant with DOT regulations.

    Lower Costs – Managing your driver files and keeping them up to date minimizes risk that lead to lowering costs for your business.

    Avoid Liabilities – Get advance notices of expiring documents and reviews of driver file deficiencies to help you avoid future liabilities.

    Audit Support – In the event of an audit or intervention, our experts will provide guidance throughout the process.

    And many more!
    For more information on how we can help you set up and maintain your Driver Files, please contact us today.